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Bringing our Past into the Future
Kitikmeot Heritage Society and Cultural Centre
Cambridge Bay , Nunavut


   The little hamlet of
Cambridge Bay, located on
Victoria Island in the
Kitikmeot region of Nunavut,
is one of the richest locales
in the North for resources on
the history of the Inuit
people. This three-part
exhibition delves into the
archeology of the area,

covers the origins of the
modern Cambridge Bay
community and explores how
the elders serve as a link
between the past and the
   Archeologist Max Friesen
provided pictures of the
prehistoric artefacts he has
unearthed from nearby sites

during his career in the
region. Together with his
crucial information about
these discoveries, and
photographs of excavation
activities, this section of
the exhibition paints a vivid
picture of the Inuit of long
   To show the history of

modern-day Cambridge Bay and
to provide perspective on
local life throughout the
last century, the Kitikmeot
Heritage Society searched far
and wide to amass rare
archival photographs,
featuring town landmarks,
other significant sites and
cultural events. The contents

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