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Settlers' Effects Brought to Craik and Aylesbury
Craik Oral History Museum Inc.
Craik , Saskatchewan


   This Community Memories
exhibit was developed as a
project of the Craik
Community Archives and Oral
History Society. The
exhibit's title refers to the
effects brought to the Craik
area by settlers as they
established new homes on the
Canadian prairies. For the

purposes of this exhibit, the
Craik area includes the
community of Craik and
surrounding communities,
especially Aylesbury, all
situated approximately midway
between Saskatchewan's two
largest cities, Saskatoon and
Regina. This area is part of
what is now commonly referred

to as the Mid-Lakes region.
   Featured are images
associated with arts and
crafts, documents, books,
food preparation, furniture,
clothing, jewelry, storage
and farming.
   As far as can be
determined, the settlers'
effects presented in this

exhibit were brought directly
to this area from the
locations identified in the
search field.
   The time frame for this
exhibit is the period 1890
through 1930.
   The Society would like to
thank the many contributors
to the project.

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