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Places of Our Hearts
Queens County Heritage
Gagetown , New Brunswick


   A shocking upheaval swept
through central New Brunswick
in the summer of 1952, an
upheaval that affected twenty
communities and 750 families
in Queens and Sunbury
   The Government of Canada
effectively annexed a 1400-
square-kilometre area that

year to make way for a large
military training facility,
as part of its obligations to
the United Nations and NATO.
The setting was perfect for
the military's needs as it
was located in Eastern Canada
close to an all-weather port,
but it dislodged a tightly-
knit community with roots

extending back to the early
19th century.
   The decision came as a
great blow to the people
whose ancestors had settled
the area so long before. Even
though the government
compensated them for the
land, many found it hard to
leave. Still, by 1953, most

had moved away, never to
   In "Places of Our Hearts"
the uprooted, people such as
the Inches, the Shorts, the
McKinneys and the Corbetts,
among many others, tell their
own story about the
communities that vanished.
They describe the farms,

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