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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery
Notukeu Heritage Museum
Ponteix , Saskatchewan


   The collection of First
Nations artifacts in the
Notukeu Heritage Museum is
one of the largest in western
Canada. A virtual tour of
this aspect of the museum
provides a glimpse into the
life of Henri Liboiron, who
spent countless hours walking
in local fields and digging

to find an astonishing
assortment of arrowheads,
pottery and pipes. He then
researched and documented the
sites of his discoveries and
established the museum in his
home. It was the destination
of many amateur and
professional archaeologists,
as well as school groups and

   In 1994, the Notukeu
Heritage Museum was moved
from its original location to
the Centre Culturel Royer in
   Digital photographs of
the artifacts are accompanied
by a written description and
linked to either original

research material or a sound
bite recorded by Mr.
Liboiron's descendants.
Interviews were conducted
with relatives of Mr.
Liboiron to obtain the
information necessary for
providing an accurate
depiction of his devotion to
the collection.

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