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Fredericton's York County Jail, 1842 - 1996
Science East - The York County Gaol
Fredericton , New Brunswick


   It once housed a Columbian
drug dealer and a notorious
serial killer. It was the
site of a double hanging in
1949. But after 154 years as
a storied penal institution
located in downtown
Fredericton, the York County
Jail was finally closed as a
prison in 1996. It is now

home to the Science East
Association's Science Centre.
   This virtual tour of the
massive old granite
stronghold reveals a
fascinating but neglected
part of the social history of
Fredericton and the
surrounding area as it tells

the stories of some of the
inmates imprisoned there. It
describes the brutal living
conditions, such as the
dungeon that prisoners
endured in the early years.
As onetime guards and inmates
recall more recent history,
you'll hear from those who
were present at the double

hanging and other very human
tales of misery and crime.

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