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Shelburne County Men: Second World War and the Korean War
Shelburne County Genealogical Society
Shelburne , Nova Scotia


on postings, courses taken
and training periods, nature
of casualties, medical
reports,details re air
crashes and loss of naval
   The Commonwealth Graves
Commission Web Site is an
excellent resource.
   I am grateful to Billy

McGee who through E-mail
correspondence provided me
with details of the merchant
ships losses.
   To the families and
friends of the veterans who
provided us with photos and
data we extend our sincere
   The Shelburne Coast

Guard, the Halifax Herald and
Halifax Chronicle provided
pertinent details and were
also the source of a number
of photos.
   This community memories
segment is part of a detailed
docmented publication >which includes the Shelburne
County Veterans who survived

and lived successful lives.
The book was published in the
spring of 2004.
   Eleanor Robertson Smith

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