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Shelburne County Men: Second World War and the Korean War
Shelburne County Genealogical Society
Shelburne , Nova Scotia


   This exhibit honours the
men of Shelburne County who
gave their lives in the
Korean and Second World wars.
   Their photos portray
their youth; their letters
and diaries, the countryside;
the realities of war, their
hopes for an end to the
hostilities and a return home

to loved ones. Private
Maurice Crowell expressed his
emotions as follows:
"...[O]ut of the front line
for a couple of days on a
sort of rest. I wish I was
out for the rest of the war
but I guess someone has to
fight so we all do our best
when facing the enemy."

   The family demographics
of the soldiers varied. Some
were single children, while
others had as many as
thirteen siblings. Some
families, such as the
Gorehams, had seven sons
participating in the war.
Widows often saw their main
source of support, their

children, leave for war. In
one case, a soldier that had
been recently married passed
away without even knowing of
his daughter's birth.
   Their occupations ranged
from fisherman, labourer,
seaman, lumberman, carpenter,
and shipwright, to
accountant, university

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