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School Yard Memories
General Currie Heritage School
Richmond , British Columbia


   General Currie Heritage
School/Richmond Retired
Teachers' Association
Heritage Committee
   The City of Richmond is
located in the southwest
corner of the lower mainland
on Canada's Pacific Coast, in
the province of British

Columbia. Richmond is a
unique island city, favorably
located within the Greater
Vancouver Regional District
in close proximity to
downtown Vancouver and the
U.S.A. border. It comprises a
series of islands in the
mouth of the Fraser River,
including Sea Island, most of

Lulu Island and fifteen much
smaller islands.
   49.25 10' 59.1" N
   123.25 8' 0.7" W
   Average Elevation:
   1 metre above sea level
   Early History:

   The history of education
in Richmond goes back to 1877
with the organization of the
North Arm School District.
Early school classes were
held in make-do spaces, such
as the first town hall, the
Opera House (Steveston), the
local ice-cream parlour and
wharf buildings; as well as

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