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Prince Edward Island - Memories of WWII
Prince Edward Island Regiment Museum
Charlottetown , Prince Edward Island


   This exhibit tells the
story of seven Prince Edward
Islanders and their
experiences during World War
   You will learn about Sid
Clay and Jack Meredith, two
Royal Air Force members who
came to Canada from England
under the British

Commonwealth Air Training
Plan to establish an Air
Force Base in Charlottetown,
Prince Edward Island.
   You will also hear the
story of Bob and Shirley
Johnson. Shirley was a
dietician in the Army Medical
Corps. She worked in the Base
hospital preparing menus for

patients who were casualties
of the War in Europe. Bob was
a pilot in the Royal Canadian
Air Force during the war. He
was posted to Burma where he
flew Hurricane Aircraft.
While there, he was shot down
and escaped capture by
spending 22 days in the
jungle using only his

survival skills and a
   The next story tells of
Howard Clark, an orderly in
the Army Medical Corps who
served on the Hospital Ship
Lady Nelson. This ship was
used to transport the

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