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Papertown, The Dalhousie Story
Restigouche Regional Museum
Dalhousie , New Brunswick


   The Town of Dalhousie has
been through some very
distinct periods between its
founding in 1825 and today.
Prior to 1825, few showed
much interest in the northern
part of the province, but in
that year the Great Miramichi
Fire raged through central
New Brunswick and into Maine,

destroying the forests that
were the mainstay of the
province's economy. Lumbermen
looked north to the great
pine stands of the Nipisiguit
and the Restigouche.
   Dalhousie, located at the
mouth of the Restigouche,
began to grow. Soon it was a
booming town and became the

Shiretown of the newly
created Restigouche County.
Lumber and fishing were the
main interests, although
agriculture was more
important in the early days
than it is today.
   Dalhousie was the leading
town of the area until the
arrival of the railway

following confederation. With
steep hills at its back, the
Intercolonial Railway (ICR)
bypassed the town while its
nearby rival, Campbellton,
surged ahead. That would be
the situation until the late
1920s, when Dalhousie was
picked as the site of a giant
paper mill. The International

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