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Mission Farms & Farmers
Mission Museum
Mission , British Columbia


   Our Community Memories
exhibit celebrates the vital
role of agriculture in the
growth and development of
Mission and surrounding
district, where the efforts
of agricultural workers
sustained the community and
enhanced its well-being.
   In order to help you

understand the essence of the
agricultural industry without
being overwhelmed by an
avalanche of facts, we have
divided the presentation into
four areas of interest, each
presented as a short story:
   Agriculture: an overview
of the development of our

various agricultural
industries Berrying – A
Timeline: a history of the
berry industry in Mission
   Fairs: an account of how
we celebrate our agricultural
   Industries: a short
overview of related

   We hope you enjoy this
presentation of agriculture
as a foundation of Mission’s
history. We hope too that you
will take time in your
travels to visit Mission and
our Museum.

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