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Heart of the Village: Memories of The Blacksmith Shop
Gaspesian British Heritage Village
New Richmond , Quebec


   Until very recently the
blacksmith was an extremely
important and vital member of
the community. Almost every
small town and village had
their own smithy, and the
blacksmith's services and
knowledge was required by
   The following pages are

devoted to the blacksmiths
who lived and worked in the
small communities dotting the
Gaspe Coast. Several family
histories and biographies of
blacksmiths have been
collected through archival
and oral history sources.
These biographies include the
Watson family blacksmiths,

the Gilker family
blacksmiths, and the
individual stories of Arnold
George Gilker, William
Moreau, and Obadiah Lot
Vardon. A comprehensive list
of all the blacksmiths
serving the various
communities along the Gaspe
Peninsula between 1831 and

1881 has also been compiled
from four surviving census

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