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For Services Rendered: Military Heroes of Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island Military Museum Society
Nanaimo , British Columbia


   The Vancouver Island
Military Museum, located in
Nanaimo, British Columbia,
and dedicated to remembrance,
during both conflict and
peace, presents “For Services
   The photos and stories
gathered for this project are
largely the result of

interviews conducted over the
course of several months in
2003. Veterans and their
families generously provided
access to their photographs,
documents and memories,
resulting in a montage of
personal stories of Canadian
military service.
   We would like to thank

Mr. Ronald Buxton, Mr. Robert
Cato, Mrs. Marjorie Leffler,
Mrs. C. Eswyn Lyster, Mr.
Sheridan (Pat) Patterson, the
families of Joseph Stewart
Temple Fall (Mike Fall) and
of Angus Bell-Irving (Norah
Johnston), and Craig Heritage
Park for the photos of
Charles Robert Reeves Hickey.

The Raymond Collishaw
photographs are from a
collection compiled by the
Vancouver Island Military
Museum under the direction of
its president, Mr. Ted
   George Woodcock once
stated that “Canadians do not
like heroes, and so they do

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