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Tall Trees and More...
Milltown-Head Bay d'Espoir Museum
Milltown , Newfoundland and Labrador


   The story of Milltown-Head
Bay d'Espoir is the story of
tall trees and more. Its
history depicts an
interesting contrast to the
surrounding South Coast. One
of the most striking
differences is that Milltown-
Head Bay d’Espoir is not so
much associated with making a

living from the sea, but is
more closely linked to the
land; in particular logging
and shipbuilding. In the
beginning, the need for masts
for ship sailing brought the
early loggers to Bay
d'Espoir. The forest was a
great source of tall trees,
thirty to fifty feet in

height, and allowed them to
obtain the necessary raw
materials to build their
ships. It has been documented
in the letter book of
Saunders & Sweetman Co.,
dated June 4th 1789, that
Pierce Sweetman, merchant
agent, ordered Captain Fling
to go to Paradise and then on

to Bay d'Espoir to collect
pine planks for shipbuilding
because of the quality and
size of the timber.
   While early export
records of most Newfoundland
communities show the number
of salt fish shipped each
season, Bay d’Espoir,
accounted for the amount of

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