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Marine History of Yarmouth Nova Scotia
Yarmouth County Museum
Yarmouth , Nova Scotia


   In the late 1800s, a time
when Yarmouth, Nova Scotia's
fleet could boast of being
the second largest in Canada,
its sea captains were
renowned in seaports around
the world. The era produced a
wealth of ship paintings,
artefacts and documents that
are now housed in the

Yarmouth County Museum and
Archives and form the core of
a virtual exhibition.
   The exhibition is built
around twelve stories about
the captains and ship owners
of the era and delves into
the basic history of Yarmouth
shipping, the types of
vessels used, where they went

and what cargoes they
carried. One such story,
accompanied by pictures,
tells of the captains who
took their families to sea
and features an interview
with a young girl who lived
aboard a square-rigged ship
in early life. As part of the
exhibition, writer Archibald

MacMechan spins the tale of
the Research, which set off
from Quebec bound for Glasgow
in November 1866 under the
command of Captain George
Washington Churchill. The
adventure, which became known
as the Voyage of Many
Rudders, is Yarmouth’s most
famous sea-going yarn.

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