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Human Interaction with Nature
Dryden and District Museum
Dryden , Ontario


   Human Interaction with
Nature, Dryden Ontario
explores the relationship
between humans and the
natural environment as a
defining factor in the
development and
sustainability of a
   The exhibit begins with

the interaction of the First
People with the forest, a
relationship critical to
their very survival. Moving
on, the exhibit reveals that
European settlement of the
Dryden area through mining,
farming, forestry and pulp
and paper production has had
both positive and negative

effects on the natural
environment. Finally, the
exhibit illustrates how the
forest has inspired
creativity by showcasing
three local artists.
   Through pictures and
text, this Community Memories
Exhibit not only tells the
story of the precarious

relationship of humans with
nature, but asks the next
generation for their thoughts
on the future of the

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