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Churches of South Central Saskatchewan
Assiniboia and District Historical Museum
Assiniboia , Saskatchewan


   Setting Down Roots: Church
Builders of South Central
Saskatchewan, covers the
spiritual history of an 80-
kilometre area around
Assiniboia, Saskatchewan.
Eons before the arrival of
Europeans, members of First
Nations tribes, who often
travelled throughout this

region, had already defined
it as a sacred place. After
the first Metis from the Red
River region of Manitoba
arrived in the area around
1867, it was a matter of time
before churches would dot the
skyline. Other settlers of
both French and English
origin from Quebec and

Ontario followed, as did
immigrants from Romania,
Ukraine, Poland, Russia,
Great Britain, Scandinavia,
Italy, France, Germany, and
the United States. In this
diverse ethnic environment,
they too built churches,
spurred on by their need to
establish a spiritual home

and to create a fellowship of
common beliefs, interests,
and hopes for the future.
Church was the secure
spiritual and social centre
of the settlers’ lives.
Building churches proclaimed
that they were setting down
roots. This exhibition
celebrates their history.

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