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The Canso Causeway's History and Impact
Gut of Canso Museum and Archives
Port Hastings , Nova Scotia


   The deep waters of the Gut
of Canso, now referred to as
the Strait of Canso, have
played a defining role in the
lives of the residents of
this part of Cape Breton
Island and mainland Nova
Scotia since it was first
settled in 1784. We will look
at the history of the

communities, railroading, and
transportation across the
Strait before 1955, lobbying
for a fixed link,
construction, official
opening ceremonies and the
immediate and long-term
impact of the construction of
the Canso Causeway and Canal
on the people.

   We will also focus on the
next fifty years—what life is
like living along the Strait
of Canso and the development
of the area when new
industries arrived, left and
arrive, up to the present. We
welcome comments or questions
about our exhibit. Look us up
the next time you cross the

Canso Causeway. Thank you for

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