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Telecommunications Visions from the Past
North Sydney Museum
North Sydney , Nova Scotia


   North Sydney, Nova Scotia,
is situated on the north side
of Sydney harbour. Since its
founding in 1871, it has been
a home port to the fishing
fleets of the world, coal
tramp streamers, warships,
convoys and the Newfoundland
ferries. The chief claim to
fame of this small port town

is that it served for 87
years as the main
communication centre linking
Europe and North America.
   Through the years of its
existence in North Sydney,
Western Union employed up to
300 at rush periods, paid top
dollar of the day, and, while
serving as the east coast

communications capital, was
an intricate part of the
downtown’s ancillary
industries and the town's
economy, which was wounded by
a depression.
   It was from North Sydney
that journalists filed to the
world their stories of
Admiral Peary's discovery of

the North Pole. The calls
went forth to ships at sea
and the world's capitals that
the unsinkable Titanic was no
more, taking 1517 crew and
passengers to their graves.
   The first North American
women telegraphers were
employed at the North Sydney
Western Union office, and

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