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Remembering Homer Watson
Homer Watson House & Gallery
Kitchener , Ontario


   From an early photo taken
in 1865 to the art exhibit
planned for 2005, this
project relates the legacy of
renowned Canadian landscape
artist Homer Ransford Watson,
spanning a timeline of 140
   Born in 1855 in the
picturesque village of Doon,

Ontario, Homer Watson spent
his early years preparing to
become a successful artist.
He made landscapes with his
gravy and mashed potatoes and
he spent more time drawing
his teacher than listening to
him. Homer Watson had a big
dream for a small boy in a
small Canadian village in the

middle 1800's.
   Art was not a popular
career choice or a favoured
vocation in those days. It
was an impossible dream, but
one that came true for Homer
Watson. As a young man of 26,
Homer sold one of his first
major works to the Marquis of
Lorne and Princess Louise,

the daughter of Queen
Victoria. The couple
purchased the painting for
Queen Victoria. Upon seeing
"The Pioneer Mill," the Queen
of England immediately wanted
another work of art by the
young Canadian.
   Royal recognition
propelled Homer Watson to

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