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Play Hard, Play Fast, Play Ball!
Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame
Halifax , Nova Scotia


   In the 13 years following
World War II, a time when
people were feeling exuberant
and expressing that
exuberance in play, Nova
Scotia was home to one of the
most exciting baseball
leagues in Canada. It was a
league that would produce
over 40 Major League players.

   In 1946, the Halifax &
District Baseball League
began life with a mixture of
homegrown talent and imports
from the eastern seaboard of
the United States. Halifax,
Dartmouth, Truro, Liverpool,
Kentville, Stellarton and
Middleton were the locations
of some great teams, players

and characters during the
summers of the 1940s and
1950s. Nova Scotians were
enamored of these teams,
which helped create strong
community identities and
fostered fierce rivalries.
   The Halifax & District
Baseball League operated
between 1946 to 1959, an

important era in Nova
Scotia’s social and sport
heritage. Nova Scotians still
look upon the league as
having produced the best
baseball ever played in the
province. This exhibition
hopes to stir the memories of
those who cheered for their
teams and to offer insight to

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