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King Seaman - His Legacy Continues
Amos Seaman School Museum
River Hebert , Nova Scotia


   This project describes the
life and achievements of Amos
“King” Seaman, a merchant,
landowner, businessman, and
philanthropist who lived in
Minudie, Nova Scotia, from
1796 until 1864, and became
one of Canada’s wealthiest
men in his time.
   We describe life in this

once bustling rural community
from the 1850s to 1950s,
depicting local industries
including farming, fishing,
grindstone quarries and
lumber mills, as well as the
one-room school, church and
social events. Audio
interviews with past
residents of Minudie, sharing

their memories of growing up
and going to school in this
village, complement the black-
and-white photos and
documents from the Amos
Seaman School Museum
collection, and items from
the Seaman family. Extracts
from the diaries of both Amos
Seaman (1840-1864) and his

second eldest son, Gilbert
(1875-1885), add a little
flavor with their unique
stories, and paint a
realistic picture of life
during this time period.
   Amos Seaman made a major
impact on this now sleepy
little village, but his
legacy of compassion and

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