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Celebrating Community
Fort Frances Museum & Cultural Centre
Fort Frances , Ontario


   The community of Fort
Frances is celebrating its
centennial in 2003. In
celebrating one hundred
years, we are examining our
community’s history, from its
founding to major
developments and the changes
that have affected its
growth. The exhibit includes

photographs, newspapers, oral
histories, biographies,
family histories and written
papers, all of which serve to
outline significant events
and the contributions of
people from the community’s
past. Beginning 10 000 years
ago with the First Nations
people, the community grew

with the arrival of the
Voyageurs and trading posts
of the Northwest and the
Hudson’s Bay Companies,
followed by the loggers and
lumber barons that brought
pulp and paper mills, and the
merchants, educators, and
political powers. Whether it
be political, educational,

industrial, or social, the
people of the community are
responsible for having
initiated change and
development. From fires to
floods, through wars and
influenza, the people of Fort
Frances have faced adversity
and undergone many
transformations in bringing

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