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Castle Kilbride Presents: Tying the Knot
Castle Kilbride
Baden , Ontario


   Every quilt tells a story.
Quilt making is inherently
manifesting the transfer of
skills and experience from
one generation to the next.
Quilts were often made to
commemorate an event such as
an anniversary, birth or
wedding These types of quilts

were historically common in
Waterloo County and are still
being made today. As a
result, they have become part
of a cherished tradition for
many families.
   The quilts featured in
Tying the Knot at Castle
Kilbride National Historic
Site reflect 140 years of

family history in Wilmot
Township. Specifically, the
exhibit reflects wedding
quilts. These quilts were
received as gifts or given to
a woman or man for their
trousseau. Familiar symbols
found on the wedding quilts
include the heart, which is
used for love. Roses are

symbols of love, purity and
happiness. The pineapple is
used for hospitality, and the
pomegranate for fruitfulness.
However, the most common
symbol is the wedding ring–a
popular theme in this area.
   To complement the
exhibit, several bridal gowns
and wedding photos accompany

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