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Black Gold Pioneers: Alberta's Petroleum Legacy
Canadian Petroleum Discovery Centre
Devon , Alberta


   Since the beginning of the
20th century, Albertans have
been drilling wells searching
for black gold and finding
adventure and friendship
along the way. If those wells
could talk, we would hear the
stories of impossible odds,
bad luck, good fortune, big
risks and even bigger losses.

For some, the oil industry
has been a one-time only job,
while for others it has
become a family tradition.
For Alberta, it is a part of
our social fabric and the
source of our prosperity.
This prosperity was fully
realized with the discovery
of oil in Leduc County, just

south of Edmonton, Alberta,
in 1947.
   Gushers, blowouts and
dusters all have stories to
tell. Here are just a few of

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