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Cobequid Bay Shad Fishery
Colchester Historical Museum and Archives
Truro , Nova Scotia


vagaries of wind and tide, a
replica of a shadboat was
launched, nets payed out and
hauled. On board with his
expertise was the last
fisherman of the area to hold
a license. Information from
this excursion has been
incorporated in the text.
This is our exhibit.

   Without the help of the
people included in the list
of credits, this exhibit
would not have been possible.
   Enid Cooper
   The late Robert Cooper
   The late Harold Cooke
   The late Noble Spencer
   Russell Cooke

   George Cooke
   Cyril Roberts
   Emily Lane
   Isobel Hennessy Horne
   Logan Spencer
   The late Alan Whidden
   Alec Forbes
   Jack Johnson
   Dan Wallace
   Joe Cooper

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