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Alberton: A Typical But Unique Small Town
Alberton Museum
Alberton , Prince Edward Island


   This exhibit consists of
four parts:
   Part One is an
introduction to the
geographical location of the
town, its historical
development and some of the
local architecture, past and
   Part Two is a synopsis of

the local industries and
services which were
instrumental in the growth of
the town. It attempts to show
the diversity of the town and
the immediate area.
   Part Three gives images
and brief biographies of 27
local persons who achieved
“fame” or prominence far

beyond the borders of their
town, country or province.
Included are a world class
sportsman, eminent
politicians, war aces,
international diplomats, a
renowned artist and a trio of
females who were pioneers in
their fields.
   Part Four looks at the

abundance of religious
denominations represented in
the town. Many of the
churches which represented
these faiths changed from one
denomination to another and
moved their physical
   Part Five is a “mini” art
gallery of the drawings and

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