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A New Life for an Old Light
West Point Lighthouse Museum
O'Leary , Prince Edward Island


   When the West Point
Lighthouse Museum was
established in 1984, part of
its mandate was to tell the
story of the West Point
Lighthouse and to relate
something of the history and
culture of the area,
especially as it pertained to
the sea-faring aspects of

West Point as well as a
little of how the old
Lighthouse has given new life
to our little community.
   West Point Lighthouse has
led or lighted the way a
number of times over the
   When it was first built
in 1875, it was the first

lighthouse on Prince Edward
Island to be built by the new
federal Department of Marine.

   It marked the beginning
of an architectural change as
well. The lighthouses that
had been previously built by
the British Colonial
Government were round or

octagonal in style. West
Point was the first of the
square tapered towers on
Prince Edward Island.
   When the West Point
Lighthouse Inn, Museum and
Restaurant opened its doors
in 1984, it became Canada's
first Inn in a Lighthouse.
At that time, there were only

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