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A Line Through the Wilderness
Humboldt and District Museum
Humboldt , Saskatchewan


   In 1878, George and
Catherine Weldon set off for
the open prairie on a
challenging adventure – the
development of the Canadian
Pacific Telegraph Line. Their
task was to construct the
Humboldt Telegraph Station
and provide a communication
link to eastern Canada. They

became known for the warmth
and hospitality they showed
weary travelers along the
Carlton Trail.
   The Humboldt Telegraph
Station played a pivotal role
in the 1885 uprising at
Batoche, when Lt. Colonel
Denison fortified the site
with an extensive series of

trenches, in support of
General Middleton’s battle
with Louis Riel.
   Over the next 100 years
the stories of the Humboldt
Telegraph Station faded and
the location was relatively
unknown. The curiosity of two
men renewed interest in the
historic site in the mid-

1980s. Their search led to an
archaeological and historical
investigation that positively
identified the location of
the Humboldt Telegraph
Station, and brought its
fascinating stories back to
   Combining this new
research, archaeological

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