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Facades of Wingham - Past and Present
North Huron Museum
Wingham , Ontario


   Come explore the main
street of Alice Munro’s
hometown of Wingham, Ontario,
Canada. Many Munro fans know
it as "Jubilee". In the
following six-part tour of
Wingham's main street-
Josephine Street- experience
the buildings and landmarks
that enrich and inform

Munro's celebrated short
stories. Tour down the
streetscapes of today and
yesterday meeting the
builders, seeing the
buildings they erected, and
hear the secrets that lie
locked in brick and cement.
   With its rich history,
Wingham makes an ideal

setting for Ms. Munro’s most
famous stories. It is a town
created by dreamers who saw
splendour and promise where
others saw only mud. Because
the town is nestled on a
floodplain, water defined
Wingham’s early days, but
commerce determined its
growth. Industries and the

railway lured many to town
and they stayed.
   Discover a place that is
vital and real, a place that
fueled the imagination of one
of Canada’s most beloved

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