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The Sterling Flour Mill
Sodbusters Archives and Museum
Strome , Alberta


   Memories and roots: the
reasons why the Sterling
Flour Mill Exhibit was
established. Standing for
approximately 80 years before
it burned to the ground, the
Mill collected lots of them.
   Built by hand over 11
months by hardworking
pioneers with a vision, the

Sterling Flour Mill soon
became the “hub of the wheel”
with spokes leading out to
the surrounding district.
Farmers came from miles
around to have their wheat
processed into flour and
feed, showing the ingenuity
of the homesteader and his
family, and bearing us along

through the changes of this
country – from oxcart to
   The Sterling Flour Mill
was one of three mills still
standing before it burned
down in 1997, and was in the
process of applying for
preservation as a historical
site by the Strome Historical

Society. Unfortunately all we
have left is old tales, and
photographs of this once
towering landmark that could
be seen by the naked eye from
miles away.
   Creating an online
exhibit allows us not only to
preserve those memories of
our forefathers, but to show

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