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The Dickson Store
Dickson Store Museum
Spruce View , Alberta


   This exhibit tells the
story of the first and only
general store in the Danish
community of Dickson,
   Dickson is the oldest
Danish settlement in western
Canada. In 1903, 17 Danish
settlers came from Nebraska
to Dickson in the hopes of

establishing a future for
their families. The struggles
and hardships were endless,
but they worked together to
build a strong community. In
1909, as the population grew,
it became evident that a
local outlet for supplies was
needed. Carl and Laura
Christiansen, part of the

original group of settlers,
purchased land and built the
Dickson Store. The
Christiansen family lived on
the second floor, above the
   The Dickson Store was a
true general store, offering
all basic necessities as well
as a post office. But the

store provided much more to
its customers and the
community: it provided
contact to the outside world
through its post office, as
well as a telephone service
and radio. Carl and Laura’s
store served as a gathering
place, providing hospitality
and shelter to new residents

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