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Origins of Skiing in Canada's National Capital Region
Canadian Ski Museum (The)
Ottawa , Ontario


   Canada's ski heritage is
rich, diverse, and filled
with stories of dynamic
personalities that have had a
profound effect on the sport
and the country.
   This exhibit traces the
origins of trail and downhill
skiing, ski jumping, and
trail and lodge development

in the National Capital
Region from the late 19th
century to the early 1960s.
   Historically, the origin
of skiing activity in the
National Capital Region is
inseparable from the founding
and evolution of the Ottawa
Ski Club. Thus, this exhibit
focuses primarily on the

beginnings of various efforts
of the Ottawa Ski Club. The
Canadian Ski Museum
acknowledges the existence of
a number of other smaller
clubs during the period, all
of which contributed to the
development of skiing, but
which disbanded, leaving
behind few, if any, records.

Foremost among these was the
Cliffside Ski Club that
existed from 1919 until about
1942, possibly later, and
which actively cooperated
with the Ottawa Ski Club in
lodge and trail development
and jumping activities.

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