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Hometown Sports Heroes
New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame
Fredericton , New Brunswick


   In small towns and
villages throughout New
Brunswick, sports have always
been an integral part of the
fabric of the community. As
such, rural communities have
made an important and lasting
contribution to New
Brunswick’s sports heritage,
and none more so than the

international border town of
St. Stephen, situated on the
St. Croix River across from
Calais, Maine, US.
   In sports, as in life,
each generation inspires the
next, and even today, those
who “play sports” in St.
Stephen hold a special place
in the hearts and minds of

those who live and work
there. “Hometown Sports
Heroes” highlights the
remarkable achievements of
these athletes and teams that
have been an integral part of
community life in St. Stephen
dating from the early 1900s
to the present day.

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