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Grand Forks' Wartime Memories
Boundary Museum Society
Grand Forks , British Columbia


   As part of Grand Forks'
Wartime Memories, three
veterans of the Second World
War who served in the Royal
Canadian Air Force were
interviewed by local
secondary school pupils.
These decorated veterans are
Hume Ritchie, Dave Dale and
Albert "Chick" Talarico. The

flight log books included in
this exhibit illustrate the
years of intensive training
that aircrews went through in
order to serve their country
in the wartime struggle. Both
Mr. Ritchie and Mr. Dale
served with bomber aircraft
that were shot down over
Europe, and against all odds

they both survived their
ordeals. While Mr. Dale was
captured by the enemy and
became a POW, circumstance
allowed Mr. Ritchie to reach
the American Forces and make
his way back to safety in
England. Mr. Talarico served
in Burma and India as part of
a crew of transport aircraft

that dropped supplies for
army units in the field.
   The Boundary Museum
Society would like to thank
teacher Frank Triveri and his
grade 11 Social Studies class
for conducting interviews
with these veterans, and
teacher Murray Behl and his
grade 11-12 Multimedia class

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