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World War I - A Commemoration of Residents from Trinity and Area
Lester-Garland House
Trinity , Newfoundland and Labrador


   August 14, 1914, Britain
declared war on Germany. Four
days later, Newfoundland, the
oldest colony of the British
Empire, telegraphed London
committing the colony to
raise one thousand men for
the naval service and several
hundred for land service
abroad. A Volunteer Patriotic

Association was quickly
formed and began reforming
the Newfoundland Regiment,
continuing to do so until
1917 when a Department of
Militia was established. The
Patriotic Association
recruited, equipped, provided
training and transportation
for the land contingents

dispatched from Newfoundland.
   From the Trinity Area,
233 volunteers enlisted for
service, mostly with the
Newfoundland Regiment or the
Newfoundland Royal Naval
Reserve. Some also joined the
Canadian Expeditionary Force
or the Royal Navy. The
letters of one of these men,

Private Arthur Ernest White
Maidment, survive. For the
most part, this Community
Memories exhibit relies on
the direct references to
people and places that Pte.
Maidment records. Quotations
from the letters he sent his
mother, brothers and sisters
between 1916 and 1917 guide

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