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A Northern Ontario Prairie c1910
Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum
New Liskeard , Ontario


attract settlers, it launched
a 'New Ontario,' campaign,
offering homesteading there
at 50 cents an acre. The
offer was appealing.
Newcomers knew they could
fashion a life for themselves
working in the mines and
forests if farming failed
them. But the pioneers

successfully took up the
challenge of tilling the soil
and in time Little Claybelt
became the prime agricultural
region at the head of Lake
   The Little Claybelt
Homesteaders Museum explores
the history and geography of
the territory in an

exhibition of documents,
pictures and maps. With the
year 1910 as its starting
point, the retrospective
delves into the accounts of
the settlers and their
families. Their stories are
as rich as the land they

   The Little Claybelt
Homesteaders Museum is
grateful to the Community of
Memories programme for
providing not only the
funding, but for hosting this
virtual exhibit. The staff
have been exceptional.
   The Board and members of

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