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The Arm Lads Brigade
Durrell Museum
Durrell , Newfoundland and Labrador


   The Arm Lads Brigade (ALB)
was a paramilitary
organization for young men
and boys. It was founded in
Durrell, Twillingate Island,
Newfoundland, Canada, in 1908
by a visiting soldier. The
ALB operated until the late
1960s when interest declined
and it was disbanded.

   The ALB introduced the
youth of this tiny fishing
village to military training
and gymnastics to promote
character and fitness.
Meeting in a fish store on
Howlett's Island in Durrell's
Arm, the ALB was a huge
success, attracting local
volunteers to the

organization. The ALB
flourished and attracted so
many recruits that an armoury
was built in 1910 on a hill
named the "Old Maid"
overlooking Durrell's Arm.
   Constructed from timber
cut by volunteers, the
Armoury also served as a
community hall for concerts,

plays, wedding receptions and
public meetings. The ALB
paraded in distinctive
uniforms with marching band
for public affairs and
   32 ALB members served in
World War I. Eight more
members enlisted in World War
II. So well-trained were the

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