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Plowing A Furrow To Victory
Ross Museum
Foresters Falls , Ontario


   This exhibit documents the
history of plows, focussing
on one plow in particular,
the "Fleury #53 Scotch
Thistle" walking plow, which
was donated to the Ross
Museum in 1999. Also told is
the story of a young man,
Harris S. Brown, from
Westmeath Township, Ontario,

Canada, who in 1896 and 1900,
used this plow with his team
of horses to win prizes at
two major plowing matches.
   The importance of horses
in pioneer days, as well as
the capabilities and care of
horses and work done by
horsepower, is emphasized
throughout this exhibit. The

roles of horses and plows in
competition at international
plowing matches is also
presented, as these matches
and rural expos continue to
the present day. Five
generations of the Brown
family were documented by the
great great granddaughter of
the first settler on the

Brown homestead. Some of the
stories she recorded are
included in the exhibit and
tell of additional
accomplishments of this
remarkable family.

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