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Colourful Characters in Historic Yale
Historic Yale Museum
Yale , British Columbia


   This exhibit brings to
life the exciting history of
the town of Yale through
small biographies of the
colourful characters that
have shaped its future, many
who contributed largely to
the destiny of British
Columbia. Most people
featured here lived in Yale,

but it has also been host to
numerous dignitaries
including judges, governors,
and royalty of various
   Yale has a rich
Aboriginal history that dates
back more than 9000 years. We
have included biographies of
some Tait and NíLakaípamux

people from first contact to
the present day, including
the Spuzzum chief who greeted
Simon Fraser in 1808. The
Hudsonís Bay Company (HBC)
was the first non-Native
group to settle here, and
built the original Fort Yale.
A few biographies of the
first explorers and traders

tell its story.
   The small population
suddenly grew by thousands
when the Fraser River Gold
Rush began. Gold miners
poured through Yale, their
stop for supplies and
sustenance. A town sprang up
almost overnight, full of
hotels, saloons and general

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