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Algonquins of Pikwakanagan Community
Manido Chiman
Golden Lake , Ontario


   The Algonquins of
PikwÓkanagÓn, a proud and
progressive people, have a
rich cultural heritage and a
strong sense of values. As
one of the first peoples to
greet explorers from afar,
Algonquins adapted smoothly
to the changes that trading
brought to our community. Our

ability to adapt continues,
but never at the expense of
our symbols, traditions and
beliefs. Today, our elders
still pass on longstanding
teachings and give guidance
to our young.
   We express our heritage
in both traditional and
contemporary ways through the

more than 100 dancers and
four drum groups in our
community who carry out
colourful ceremonies. In our
traditional grass dance, for
example, the dancer uses
ribbons to replace the long
and flattened grasses used in
earlier times. Our jingle
dancers, named for the tin

jingles on their clothing,
now use silk and cotton for
their dresses when they
perform their healing
rituals. Shawl dancers too
use exquisite contemporary
materials to create their
garments. But traditional
regalia has its place as
well, and many dancers still

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