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A Year at Huble Homestead: 1915
Huble Homestead/Giscome Portage Heritage Society
Prince George , British Columbia


   It is the year 1915. This
is the beginning of your stay
at Huble Homestead, located
at the south end of the
portage on the Fraser River,
40 kilometers north of Prince
George. The site boasted a
general store, two barns, a
warehouse, several cabins,
and a squared-log house for

the family of Al and Annie
   Every season was chock
full of things to do. Freight
was hauled year round. Spring
time saw new visitors, and
riverboat freight to haul.
Summer was spent gardening,
tending the store, and
trading from stations at

Giscome Portage, Summit Lake
and McLeod Lake. Fall was
harvest time, and time to
pull the last wagon loads of
freight, set up the animals
for the winter and hire
people of the community,
including First Nations, to
help with the chores. In the
winter, the site received

many visitors. Transportation
was by dog team, the trap
line was maintained, furs
were traded, and buildings
were constructed.
   This exhibit is a
combination of modern
“staged’ photos, interviews,
documents and historical
photos that paint a picture

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