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Fernie Centennial Memories - A History of Team Sports in Fernie
Fernie and District Historical Society Museum
Fernie , British Columbia


   Fernie has been intimately
tied to society’s need for
coal. The abundance of this
resource attracted a wave of
immigrants to the Fernie area
beginning in 1897. Fernie’s
first residents were mostly
enterprising men who were
single or working away from
their families. “Old Town,” a

disorganized cluster of
hastily built business
buildings and miners’ houses
located just north of the
mouth of Coal Creek, was
their home
   With the arrival of the
Canadian Pacific Railroad in
1898, the mining of coal
began in earnest. Opposite

the CPR tracks and to the
north, the new town of Fernie
took shape. Mine workers
built more substantial houses
for their families, pioneer
businessmen hired contractors
to build their estates,
retail stores and office
buildings. The rapid
construction of Fernie

generated the development of
sawmills, hardware stores,
blacksmith shops and other
building suppliers.
   Since its formation in
1897 as a collection of
roughshod log structures
built to support the coal
mines, Fernie has attracted a
great diversity of people and

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