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A Life of Service
Nurse Bennett Heritage House
Daniel's Habour , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Nurse Myra Grimsley
(Bennett) came to Daniel's
Harbour, a Newfoundland out
port community, in 1921. The
war-trained English nurse
volunteered for a
Newfoundland posting from the
British Overseas Nursing
Association. For more than
50 years, Newfoundland's

Nurse Myra Bennett was the
only medical aid along almost
320 kilometres of rugged
coastline on the Northern
Peninsula. She set broken
limbs, performed kitchen
table operations by lamp
light, sutured and dressed
wounds of every description,
she delivered more than 700

babies, extracted at least
5000 teeth and ministered
medical aid to those
suffering from tuberculosis.
She travelled up and down the
coast in all kinds of
weather. There were no roads
until the late 1950's and
travel was often by
steamboat, dog sled, and

horse or by foot depending on
the weather and what was
available. In 1922 "The
Nurse" married local
merchant, Angus Bennett.
While the Newfoundland and
Labrador Government paid her
for periods of time, she
spent years providing medical
services at her own expense.

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