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On the Trail of Silver
Cobalt Heritage Silver Trail
Cobalt , Ontario


   In a unique outdoor museum
in the town of Cobalt,
Ontario, visitors can trace
the steps of silver miners at
the turn of the century. The
20 sites on the Heritage
Silver Trail offer an insight
into the working conditions
endured by miners at the
Cobalt Mining Camp after the

discovery of rich silver ore
deposits in 1903.
   Visitors touring the
Heritage Silver Trail explore
firsthand mine headframes,
mill sites, adits, mined
surface silver veins and a
display of original mining
equipment at Site #14 (the
Willet Green Miller Memorial

Site) and at Site #20 (the
Jack Koza Memorial Park)
beside Cobalt Lake.
   Through a series of
historical photographs, On
the Trail of Silver
illustrates how machinery
first designed for the
particular characteristics of
the bedrock and ore deposits

at the Cobalt Mining Camp
evolved over time with
changes in mining methods and
   The Heritage Silver Trail
keeps alive the history of
the Cobalt Camp, its
contribution to the
development of mining across
Canada and the working life

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