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Medalta Potteries Historic Site
Medicine Hat , Alberta


farms during production
   Only a few skilled
employees worked at Medalta
but they were key to the
factory's pottery production.
Jesse William Wyatt, plant
superintendent from 1924 to
1931, and Tom Hulme, head of
the art department both had

backgrounds in ceramic and
art training in England.
Ceramic and chemical
engineers such as Karl
Baumler from Germany and Ed
Phillipson from Saskatchewan
were also highly trained.
   All together, they toiled
in a very active industry
that, relative to the size of

the small community, supplied
a disproportionate amount of
ceramic ware to the rest of
Canada and abroad. Medalta
stoneware items such as
crocks continue to be in
demand today, not only as
collectors' items but in
contemporary kitchens. The
company's hard-wearing hotel

and restaurant dinner ware is
still sometimes used in
eateries. Pieces such as a
simple measuring cup given
away to customers at
Christmas or a mass produced
vase embossed with a Dutch
boy and girl motif have
become highly prized and
valuable artefacts.

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