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A Pictorial from the Northeast Coast of Newfoundland
French Shore Interpretation Centre
Conche , Newfoundland and Labrador


   In 2002, Sr. Fabien
Hennebury of St. Johnís
bequeathed an extraordinary
gift to the French Shore
Historical Society. It was a
series of remarkable
photographs taken by her
sister Angela and by her
brother Fr. William Hennebury
during his eight-year mission

between 1939 and 1947 at
Sacred Heart Parish, Conche.
The collection is now the
focal point of a virtual
exhibition on the history of
the determined people of the
northeast coast of
Newfoundland who lived and
died in beautiful but
isolated communities such as

Croque, Grand Oies, Fishot
Island and Main Brook.
   The exhibition, lovingly
compiled by Trent Byrne and
dedicated to the memory of
Fr. William who died at 33 on
September 8, 1947, is a
unique window into these
communities. With additional
photographs and anecdotes

kindly provided by present-
day residents, it offers
insight into the values and
the sense of unity the people
shared and that to this day
form the special identity of
the region.

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