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Influences of Emma Lake Art School
Art Gallery of Prince Albert
Prince Albert , Saskatchewan


   Conceived during the Great
Depression on the prairies,
the Emma Lake Kenderdine
Campus was the first of its
kind, connecting prairie
artists to the wider scope of
the international art world
in a setting of breathtaking
boreal splendor.
   Officially, 2005 marks

the seventieth year of
Kenderdine Campus and the
fiftieth year of the Emma
Lake Artists’ Workshop. This
virtual exhibit of work from
the Art Gallery of Prince
Albert's Permanent Collection
showcases the impact of Emma
Lake Art School on prairie
artists and the Kendardine

site’s continuing influence
as the University of
Saskatchewan's arts campus
and environmental research
   Set in relative isolation
on Murray Point amidst the
spectacular scenery of Emma
Lake, the Kenderdine Campus
has always been an

inspirational site for art-
making. Then, in the ’50s,
the Emma Lake Artists’
Workshop began to invite top
modernist artists from New
York City like Will Barnett
and Jules Olitski and art
critic Clement Greenberg to
lead intensive studio
courses. Today, that

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