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Horse Tales from the Drumheller Region
Homestead Museum
Drumheller , Alberta


   Horse Tales chronicles the
critical role of horses in
the lives and livelihood of
pioneers in the Drumheller,
Alberta region. Horses
transported people, goods and
crops. They pulled wagons,
sleighs and equipment.
Ranchers used them for
herding cattle. Farmers used

them to draw implements for
sod-breaking, sowing and
harvesting crops.
   Whatever their use, all
horses required feed year
round, great quantities of
hay and oats grown and
harvested by ranchers and
farmers to keep their working
animals healthy and strong.

   In words and images, some
of the descendents of these
pioneers describe life as a
pioneer rancher, farmer or
homesteader. Many of their
stories reveal the unique
relationship between riders
and their horses.
   Horse Tales begins with
the hardy souls looking for a

new life who settled by the
badlands, in the valleys and
on the prairie near the site
that would become

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