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The Roots & Birth of Mirror 1870 to 1930
Mirror and District Museum
Mirror , Alberta


   Detailing the history of
our community and its roots
between the years of about
1870 and 1930, our exhibit
tells the story of how
Western Canada became
populated. Concentrating on
our particular part of the
West, it explores the
challenges of homesteading

and describes how people
would uproot their lives to
journey to a land in hopes of
new opportunities, in search
of success, or merely to
survive. For many, it was the
adventure of their lives.
   Included are the personal
stories of the people who
arrived here first, paving

the way for the wave of
settlers who followed. Their
tales also help explain how
and why both ranchers and
farmers became the mainstay
of the prairies. The exhibit
also covers how the building
of the railway across the
prairies led to the
development of towns around

it, and details the birth and
progress of our own town,
   With photographs and
other material, we paint a
vivid picture of the schools,
churches, work and homes of
the era through the eyes of
the few families who left in-
depth records of their lives.

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